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Access control systems

The equipment ADAsoft provides for access control and system security aims primarily at the protection of a company's facilities from unauthorized access and the protection of sensitive data in the IT systems from unauthorized usage.  

Protection of facilities

Access control in the premises of a company is very important for the protection of the facilities from unauthorized access because it leads to the increase of turnover and quality of service while, at the same time, it minimizes property damages and maintenance costs. Security barrier gates ensure that only customer vehicle have access to the company's parking areas.  Respectively, the use of turnstile gates provide controlled access depending on the level of authorization for each customer.  Furthermore, electronic access control door locks are installed in room doors allowing entrance to the customer with the use of the respective card.  Access through the above locks is achieved by reading RFID, magnetic stripe or barcode cards.  In addition to the above basic types of access control equipment there is a wide range of models provided by our company to completely satisfy the specific needs and requirements of every facility.

Software application and data security

A very significant factor for systems protection in a company is data assurance from misuse or manipulation, intentional or not, which most of the times concerns financial data.  With the use of fingerprint readers quick access and user identification is achieved for all applications and POS systems our company provides.


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