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Online reservations with elegance and flexibility

We welcome you to the most user-friendly and functional online reservations platform in the market which grants access to your customers for booking remotely with effectiveness and finesse 

Our company has developed the innovative online reservations platform called eReservations through which the customers of the company come one step closer to the tourist facility reception or the car rental front desk.  Either you need a replacement of your old website or you just need to add online reservations functionality on your existing website, our specialized personnel is at your disposal to combine the effectiveness of the operation you require with elegance.

The online reservations system ADAsoft has developed, in collaboration with high-tech companies in the market, provides real-time connection to the PMS reception management front-office applications our company offers, so that the user can have full view of reservations at all times.  The platform has been designed with the most advanced internet development tools so that the potential customer visiting the page can be informed even about any discount he may be entitled to depending on the selected services and period.  Many more features are included in the system such as visualization of accommodation types using images, all available payment types as well as top-design email notifications to the customers.

Using the most advanced tools for internet reservations management, we aim at the design and development of online reservation operation exclusively for you which will convey the functionality and aesthetics you envision to your customers.

Please contact us to find out how you can utilize eReservations to optimize
occupancy rates and raise your sales