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ID Card and Barcode Printers

Printers for cards and barcode adhesive labels can be connected to the applications ADAsoft provides aiming at the automation of time-consuming task in order to improve customer service. Now you can create plastic ID cards or adhesive barcode labels of any type within your reception, customizing the shape and format that meets your specific needs.


By using barcode label printers it is very easy to create simple or adhesive labels which can adjust to the requirements of your business processes, regardless of whether barcode printing or any other type of content is needed.  ADAsoft has integrated the operation of these devices in its applications to provide flexibility and speed to the business processes of its customers.   The adhesive labels can be used in a number of applications concerning process management, labeling and control for a hotel, camping or car rental company.

If you are a reception manager your can speed up the arrival, stay and departure procedures by using barcode labels for the customer or the arrival.  if you manage car rentals you can turn the car key into a rental recognition card, optimizing customer service automating the vehicle rental or return process. The design and administration of these labels has been integrated into our applications to enable the design of any type of label meeting any requirement of the innovative ideas you may have for your company.

ADAsoft's applications can work with a wide range of devices coming from the largest manufacturers in the market which provide reliable operation and ease-of-use.  The printers have a very small weight and ergonomic design, while they come in difference sizes depending on the required label size and printing speed. The barcode label printers can be configures by ADAsoft's authorized personnel so that they work ideally in the environment of our applications.


Card printers are devices which are supplied with blank cards an other consumables and within seconds they produce a customer ID, customized to the company's needs. The design of these cards is carried out in such a way to accommodate the needs of specific business processes.  It is feasible to print on the card the customer photo, a one or two-dimensional barcode and any customer information needed to appear on the card. The reception management software applications offered by ADAsoft provide integrated functions for photo intake, if required, as well as customized printing of such cards.  ADAsoft's applications can work with a wide range of devices coming from the largest manufacturers in the market which provide reliable operation and ease-of-use. The card printers have features which can excite even the most demanding users.  They have very small weight and ergonomic design, while their speed is very impressive considering the cards they produce.

The usage of the cards produced from these devices can be applied to a number of processes mainly concerning tourist facilities.  Depending on its design, the card can be used for controlled entrance or exit from secured areas, for customer identification, for purchase of products from food & beverage or retail stores within the tourist facility as well as for access control within its premises.  The use of such cards speeds up customer management processes, provides reliability in all transactions and improves corporate image to your customers.


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