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The right way for car rental management

We created for you the most complete integrated rental application for cars and motorcycles optimizing the processes of your company through simple and user-friendly operations

eRental application meets all requirements for companies whose main business includes rental of cars, motorcycles, boats, or any other means of transportation regardless of company size, structure and range of offered services.  It has been designed by personnel with years of experience in the market to enable professionals in the rental business manage demanding processes such as reservations, availability, returns, costing, additional services etc.

Its extraordinary user-friendly design allows users with little or even no computer literacy to be trained easily and fast, as 95% of the main functions is included in only 3 screens.  The application operates in windows and network environment supporting the concurrent use of the software from multiple computers even by users using different language interace.  It facilitates the electronic export of a wide range of data and reports while it can be easily parametrized to comply to any tax regulation in effect.  Its features and characteristics make it the top software application for front-office management in the car rental business covering any special need and every type of operation.


      Drag 'n drop operation for reservation creation
      Direct reservation edit on the graphical interface
      Innovative function for multiple move types
      Complete customer preference management
      Automatic entry of rental information from the reservations module
      Reservation availability info through graphical interface
      Color annotation of reservation status
      Receivables forecast statistics
      Advanced reservation search mechanism
      Reservation down-payment management
      Calculation of cost including discount scenarios 


      Rental insertion directly from the reservations plan
      Quick rental operation in mass customer turn-up
      Rental cost pre-calculation
      Expected rentals management
      Multiple reservations rental with one click
      Easy alteration of customer data
      Printing of adhesive labels of any form
      Automatic data input via passport/ID reading  

  Rental management / returns

  Partial rentals and returns
  Detailed management of payments
  Vehicle cleaning and maintenance management
  Rental retrieval through multiple filters
  Receipts issue prior to day of return
  Data retrieval through barcode passport / ID readers
  User-friendly rental management
  Hired vehicles management
  Half Day - Full Day use operation
  Price list rate overrides
  Cost calculation for future return
  Quick printing of rental snapshot
  Easy car changeover  

  Automatic discounts

      Selection from unlimited discount price lists
      Discount policy based on maximum days limit
      Free days discount type (3+1, 7+2, etc.)
      Discount based on specific day rental/return
      Discount policy effective period setting  

  Receipts - Invoices

      Issue and printing of all legal receipts or invoices
      Automatic receipt issue operation
      Automatic early return penalty calculation
       Issue of partial receipts for hired vehicles
      Easy alteration of invoice data upon issue
      Receipt cancellation and issue of credit receipts
      Connection to fiscal devices
      Great design invoice layout  

   Statistics & Reports

      Cash register by period and shift
      Statistics for any type of realized rentals
      Export of any type of financial data
      Vehicle availability / occupancy
      Return checklist
      Statistics on pre-calculated turnover and occupancy rate
      Export to any file type
      Parametrized to fit the requirements of your company  


      Easy and quick customer data input
      Customer retrieval via filters and criteria
      Advanced customer identification functions
      Address list label printing
      Customer statistics and reports
      Customer history  

  Auxiliary operations

      Night audit
      Interactive plan displaying vehicles by category or model
      Customer reminder mechanism
      Link to accounting applications
      User-friendly retrieval of previous years data
      Full backups with just one click
      Automatic year audit function
      Vehicle maintenance and reservations plan deactivation
      Multi-level user rights
      Detailed logging of user actions
      Cloud technology for remote connection
      Debtors management  

  Parameters & Settings

      Service definition and editing
      Administration of vehicle extras (e.g. GPS, baby seat, etc.)
      Price list periods management
      Creation of multiple-type price lists
      Vehicle management
      Operating period setting
      Definition of unlimited discount scenarios
      Selection of default printers per function and computer
      Operation adjustment to the company's needs

      Quick return on investment due to saving on resources
      Extremely user-friendly
      Operation in network environment
      Compliance to all effective legislation and regulations
      State-of-the-art technology
      Immediate support
      Flexible back office data export
      Coverage of all special needs of car rental companies
       Connection to online reservations
       Multi-level user access rights
         Significant information for decision support
        Quick usage and data entry  

      Compatible with all Windows versions (XP - v.10)
      Minimum CPU type - Core 2 Duo
      Minimum RAM - 2GB
      Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
      Keyboard, mouse
       Minimum internet connection speeds 2Mbps-download 0,25Mbps-upload
       External hard drive for backup
       A4 Laser printer for receipt printing
         UPS (uninterrupted power supply) to the server and each client computer  


Please contact us for scheduling an on-line demo, adjusted to the operation of your car rental business!