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Solutions for Studios & Bungalows

Introducing simplicity in Studios & Bungalows

Focusing on customer satisfaction in the reception management sector we developed integrated solutions for any type of accommodation facility that fully cover all modern requirements using an extremely user-friendly environment

Our company provides the most flexible and user-friendly solution in the reception management software market for hotels, bungalows, studios and rooms-to-let businesses. It sufficiently meets all requirements and special needs of modern studio and bungalow facilities regardless of size, structure and offered range of services. In addition to the reception management software our company provides turn-key POS solutions for restaurants, cafes, bars and retail shops that may exist in your company's premises, solutions for access control and process automation, top website design as well as online reservations system which will launch the web promotion of your business to the top.

Our products were developed by personnel with extensive experience in the sector especially focusing on user-friendly interfaces and fast training compared to software offered by the competition. They have been developed using the most advanced programming tools in order to adjust to all modern requirements being, at the same time, flexible and scalable.