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Consulting Services

Unique expertise on reception management and automation

Our long-term experience in the sector of tourism and our specialization in automating and optimizing procedures and operations, guarantee the efficient adoption of new technology into your facility which has become necessary for a modern tourist establishment

ADAsoft provides software solutions aiming at optimizing the business processes and operation of receptions.  In most cases this is a very challenging process which requires specialized know-how regardless of company size as it is required to provide solutions for a number of concurrent issues closely connected to each other.  Which is the optimal communication method between reception and accounting department?  How should front-desk reservations be linked to online bookings from the company's website?  Which is the most appropriate hardware for network, computers, connections etc. for the selected operation configuration of the reception?   How should customer access to facilities be controlled within the premises of the establishment?  These are only a few questions every reception must answer for efficient and trouble-free operation. 

The timely resolution of issues like the above drastically increases not just savings on human resources but also the efficiency of your company's business processes.  Our long-term experience in consulting services for organizing tourist establishments is a valuable asset that you can use in your decision making process for matters concerning technology and process automation in your reception. Our consultants are available to assist you in developing an action plan adjusted to your company needs.  Below, you can find some business areas where we can be of help:

Reception process optimization

One of the fundamental and repetitive operations of any reception is customer check-in and check-out.  It is very important that these processes are designed to minimize waiting time of the customer in the reception so that customer registration is carried out in the most effective way. At the same time the customer is left with the impression that the reception is efficient and customer-friendly. To achieve this objective, it is not enough to just use the proper equipment such as barcode scanners, label printers or passport/id readers but managers must select the right software application which can fully support these processes and adjust to the company's special business needs and requirements.  For example, a resort hotel reception follows entirely different procedures from those of a city hotel, a rooms-to-let establishment or a camping, where operation depends on factors such as customer turnout manner, means of stay location arrangement as well as size of accommodation establishment.  All of the above are only a few points which can vitally affect the operation of a reception and differentiate significantly the solution approach for effective reception management.

Front-desk connection to online reservations

Having years of experience in the most demanding online reservation environments, ADAsoft is the best partner to safely guide you either in the deployment of a front-desk reservation system or in the development of an online reservations platform on your existing website.  Our expert consultants are available to provide answers to important questions such as:  Does my website support online booking functionality?  Is there a need for real-time update of the reception's front-desk reservations from the online bookings platform?  Can I use part of the facility's means of stay in my online reservations system?  How should the online booking system collaborate with third-party providers such as  Please don't hesitate to contact us to assist you in analyzing the requirements of your accommodation facility in order to achieve the most efficient online reservation functionality tailored to the needs of your reception.

Selecting the right equipment

For a modern tourist facility, the selection of the appropriate equipment and hardware that will support the operation of your reception is really a key factor.  Our company is constantly updated, through targeted partnerships, on the latest developments in the market concerning state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide high added-value consulting services.  ADAsoft is the market leader in the introduction of innovative technology solutions such as barcode, RFID, passport / ID scanning and label printing which expand the functionality of reception management applications.

Front desk communication with food & beverage and retail POS systems

For a large number of accommodation facilities it is very important to properly link reception's front desk with any POS systems, operating to facilitate food & beverage or retail sales within the establishment. Depending on the way your facility operates, setting the proper parameters is essential for the optimal communication between the POS systems and the reception management application. The connection method depends on several factors such us customer profile, software and hardware supported features, ownership of sale pointes, arrangement of the establishment, etc.  Our specialized consultants can assist you in choosing the most appropriate solution taking into consideration all special requirements and parameters that affect the operation of your reception.

Access control

Depending on the accommodation services provided by your company as well as the arrangement of your facilities there are many respective needs concerning access control of the customers using the premises and facilities of the tourist establishment.  One of the competitive advantages of our company is to provide consulting services related to the decision-making process of choosing and installing the most suitable access control equipment and software as well as establishing the connection with PMS reception management systems in order to provide full and comprehensive information to company management.

Connection with accounting systems

With requirements for providing detailed accounting information being more demanding than ever, our company's specialized personnel can assist you in dealing efficiently with the timely and correct update of your back-office accounting application.  Either your company has an in-house accounting department or accounting support is being outsourced we have all the right tools to link front-desk data to back-office systems even for the most demanding configurations of online communication to third-party accounting applications.

Specialized marketing techniques

By analyzing historical data from customer arrivals and having your vision as our powerful ally we can assist you in the elaboration of your company's marketing plan for higher penetration in your market sector, utilizing all tools the latest technology developments have to provide. Targeting the right group of customers for your tourist facility, determining the appropriate web marketing techniques, organizing and promoting cultural or athletic events in the premises of your establishment, as well as forwarding customer update for seasonal offers in a timely manner are some of the tools for increasing company sales.

Information tailored to your needs

ADAsoft's reception management software solution is considerably flexible to allow the design and incorporation of any additional statistical reports required due to the special needs in operating your reception.  Since complete and thorough information is a key element for effective management decision-making, our specialized personnel is always available to work with you for design and implementation of any reports or views requested by the reception manager.