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What we do

Δραστηριότητες της εταιρείας

Development and promotion of software applications

    Development and sales of off-the-self software products for hotels, campings, bungalows, car rental companies, restaurants, bars, cafes and retail stores.

Training and support

    Customer training for using the software products of our company as well as their major updates.

    Online technical support or onsite support by experienced personnel at the customer's premises for the support of the integrated solutions provided by the company.



    Development of top-design webpages using state-of-the-art tools aiming at providing high-level corporate promotion services.

    Consulting services for every company in the sectors of our expertise that wishes to automate its processes and optimizes its resources.

Sale of hardware and consumables

    Representation of well-known hardware firms for providing our customers products with multiple benefits.

    Sale of consumables to meet the needs of ADAsoft's customers.

Research and Development

    Continuous adoption of new technologies and methods aiming at the optimization of the integrated solutions provided by ADAsoft.