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eSwipe | Passport Scanning Technology

Data entry with a single pass...

Automate your customer registration process and modernize your company by introducing state-of-the-art technology into your front-office

Passport and ID readers are devices which scan documents with ICAO9303 standard machine readable zone (MRZ) or cards with magnetic stripe and perform fast decoding.  This data, as shown in the picture on the right, are read automatically with just one pass of the document into any software application, aiming at the minimization of workload and process automation in a company.  The document types these devices recognize are all passports, most ID cards in the world, as well as any other documents bearing the ICAO9303 standard, as well cards with magnetic stripe.

The main benefits from using such devices are the significant saving on resources due to speeding up the data entry processes as well as data integrity due to the elimination of data typing errors.  At the same time the use of this technology significantly improves the company's reliability and its image to the customer.

Our company provides a series of reading device models for IDs, passports and cards depending on the requirements of each company.  These models can be divided into two major types.  The first type of document / card readers equipped with a slot for reading the code in the Machine Readable Zone or the magentic stripe.  The second type of scanners read the document by using optical character recognition (OCR) technology to extract the needed information.  With the second scanning method any data on the document page are recognized by simply placing the document on the device's scanning surface.  These scanners also provide automatic recognition capabilty of any photograph which may exist on the document and saves the image in the database or as a file, but they slow down the reading process compared to the MRZ technique used by swipe readers.

The above devices have features which can excite even the most demanding users.  They have very small weight and ergonomic design, while they provide reliable operation and ease-of-use.  The equipment comes in different sizes and models depending on the desired dimensions, mounting requirements and connection type.  These devices are configured by ADAsoft's authorized personnel to ensure they work ideally within any type of software application.


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