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Solutions for Bakeries

Integrated Point-of-Sales solutions

Our company provides easy-to-use and reliable point-of-sales solutions for bakeries. The modern design and improved functionality of the provided solutions have been implemented aiming primarily at user-friendliness and system stability.  By selecting ADAsoft as your business automation provider, you get access to functions that cover the entire activity spectrum of any bakery which can easily be adjusted to meet the specific needs of each bakery, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in cases of disconnection from the central system.  Our solutions take care of the most demanding requirements such as sales, purchases, order management, take-away, delivery, recipe management, stock depletion, inventory management as well as back office accounting and reporting which are significant features for any bakery.  Last but not least, our solutions provide direct connectivity to our PMS hospitality software providing full integration in case you are a hotel or camping owner operating a bakery within the unit's premises.

Process Automation

You can rely on our POS solution to modernize your bakery and provide quality service to your customers reducing the waiting time and minimizing order mistakes.  The robust and reliable operation of our systems allows you to manage all activities within your company easily and securely, maximizing customer satisfaction. At the same time, our software ensures that all financial transactions in your bakery are safe by introducing the POS technology because customer sales are linked to the bakery's inventory, thus automating security and monitoring of all sensitive financial information.

User-friendliness & flexibility

ADAsoft provides software applications and Point Of Sales hardware which can adjust to the special needs of each bakery. The point-of-sales solutions of our company focus on user-friendliness so that the user is quickly trained and acquainted with the system, regardless computer literacy and experience from similar systems. The offered solutions combine functionality with ease-of-use, as new employees have no problem using it with confidence right away.

Complete list of features

The main competitive advantage of the POS solutions provided by ADAsoft is user-friendliness combined with a complete set of features covering all aspects of the bakery business processes.  Depending on the requirements of your company there are a lot of operations to choose from, such as order management, wireless ordering, delivery and drivers management, back office, monitoring and printing in the bakery's preparation room, inventory and many more in order to optimize the workflow and efficiency of your business as well as provide quality services which will increase customer satisfaction.

ePOS which is the central point-of-sales software product provided by ADAsoft has been designed with the most advanced tools to stand up to all  requirements of a modern bakery.  Please visit the webpage of our product for more details.

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